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We wish to create a friendly community amongst us & help each other in skilling and becoming successfull in-game,
Maxing out their Levels/Skills and achieving their goals.
having a clan solely for helping each other Will enable and encourage you to do so.
There is no cut-off combat level you needed to join, but you must be a legit runescape-loving player.

~ macro'ing members, if caught, will instantly be banned.

I hope you consider being a part of our clan :D

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[#GPX28K5KK] [#GPX28K5KK] Owner
AxeOfDiablo AxeOfDiablo General
Trebior Trebior Captain
Hydro 36 Hydro 36 Captain
CrazyGiraffe CrazyGiraffe Lieutenant
metalbob123 metalbob123 Sergeant
[#0OCCJTABT] [#0OCCJTABT] Sergeant
Pixaven Pixaven Sergeant
[#L2XRSOK7R] [#L2XRSOK7R] Sergeant
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