"Obligate Degraders of Oxygen"

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Welcome to Xperience!
This clan is about keeping things simple and creating a friendly environment. The clan consists of members who love to skill or PvM, as well as members who have well rounded interests in every aspect of the game. In Xperience, your opinion matters, your interests matter and your voice matters. We encourage all members to work with us so everyones needs can be met.
All we ask is that everyone respects one another. This is a hate free environment. Everyone here is equal regardless of rank, or total level or anything else. Life is not a matter of liking everyone around you, simply a matter of respecting one another as a human being.
So keep doing what you love to do, enjoy your break from the stress of life here with us in Xperience, and most of all, have fun!

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UMirin Bro UMirin Bro Lieutenant
Hockey37 Hockey37 Sergeant
Nysu Nysu Corporal
koopa 420 koopa 420 Corporal
JVIajestic JVIajestic Corporal
Branty121212 Branty121212 Corporal
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PvM - Boss 87 19-Jan-25 04:30
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