"Welcome to the Altar Clan! Join our Community Discord at [Discord.GG/Gsxynse]"

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The Altar Community Clan is here for players who seek a little bit of everything. Whether you are looking to get some advice in training skills, want fun individuals to PvM with or simply seeking to chill out with some like-minded individuals within the community.

There are absolutely no requirements to join Altar Clan, and we encourage everyone to join the Discord server and our own forums for ranking up, expressing yourselves and having a decent time!

Clan Perks:
- Discord Community - Invite Link:
- Our own Altar Community Forums
- Tier 7 Citadel
- A  3-6% XP BOOST for capping in the Citadel
- Easy to understand ranking system based on XP and Activity
- Weekly Skill Competitions for prizes!

Our chats for finding Gilded Altars:
- Altar ~ Clan/Guest Chat on RS3
- Altar ~ Friends Chat on RS3
- 07 Altar ~ Clan Chat on OSRS

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