"Strive To Achieve"

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Who is welcome:
We currently do not have a requirement to join all are welcome.

What we do and who we are:
We are a social & events clan that brings together Runescape players from all over the world although the clan is based in Australia, all player are welcome

Our Aim:
Is to bring together people from all over to bring back in the fun of runescape :D

We also try to offer help & give advice on all aspects of Runescape, so join us & see what we have to offer.

World: We Are Based In World 107 For Free To Play, and  World 50 For Members.

Currently Unsure On What's Happening With Citadel.

How to join:
Contact,Owner Or Deputys/Admins

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Manny_94 Manny_94 Deputy Owner
Player718 Player718 Overseer
Candycanes2 Candycanes2 Overseer
[#SKYMVRX49] [#SKYMVRX49] Overseer
[#63WR0QGQO] [#63WR0QGQO] Organiser
[#2QATRO6UK] [#2QATRO6UK] General
[#ZHN6VSHJ0] [#ZHN6VSHJ0] Captain
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