black gold

black gold

"We are the best, becouse we are Black Gold. U can join if have 500+ total level."

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Welcome to black gold! Its clan who not going offen to clan wars, clan meeting or other things. U can invite other clanmates to clan, but with minimum of 75 combat level players/friends. In clan all can organize clan wars or going to skill dungeoneering together, but it is not necessary if u don't want it to go.

How to earn rank?
We are looking to total xp, and u to earn rank need to get up xp:
Recruit - from 0xp to 1m xp
Corporal - from 1m xp to 3m xp.
Sergeant - from 3m xp to 6m
Lieutanant - from 6m xp to 10m xp.
Captain - from 10m xp to 15m xp
Genaral - from 15m xp to 21m xp.
Admin - from 21m xp to 30m xp. (pay to owner 1m gp)
Organiser - from 30m xp to 45m xp. (2,5m gp to pay owner)
Coordinator - from 45m xp to 75m xp. (5m gp to pay owner)
overseer - from 75m xp to 150m xp (10m gp to pay owner)
depusy owner - 150xp or more xp (30m gp to pay owner)
rank can be droped for bad clanmating! (for bad kicking, bad words and same, to genaral, if u buyed rank), and u can buy it again.

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