cc of w 69

cc of w 69

"NL/BE clan eventss------skype-----voor skillers en vechters-----"

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We are a clan from world 69.
Only Dutch/Belgium people can join the clan.


Guest: Nothing
recruit: join
corporal:3 - 70
sergeant: 70 - 105
leutenant:105 - 120
captain: 120 - 135
general: 135+
If you wanna join the clan chat add:

Nl pig1
Defender w69
skillz l00t or VVizard Hat

Events :
Smite PK
Fight Pits
Clan Wars

90+ and skillers can join
-90 only guest

We have active chat (skype)
and no botters

We are looking for active players!

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Top Clanmates

that s it that s it Owner
Tired hand Tired hand General
kalf n half kalf n half General
Melvin C L Melvin C L Captain
Gekke Pauw Gekke Pauw Captain
amella-eva amella-eva Captain
[#TW9ZVDQO1] [#TW9ZVDQO1] Captain
Teh Grudger Teh Grudger Lieutenant
[#4LARHJNS2] [#4LARHJNS2] Lieutenant
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