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Welcome to dawn of the legends, where there are all kind of ages in this clan. We support each other and we cooperate as a team. This is a social clan, Where we do bossing (pvm), pvp, Social, Skilling and Much More! Come on in and relax, hang out, and enjoy the fun!

•–•*”*•›„ Dawn Of The Legends „‹•*”*•–•

Clan Chat Rules:
~ Respect all members of the clan.
~ No begging, scamming, botting or gambling in the clan.
~ Bullying with any member of the clan is not tolerated.

Membership requirement:
* Try to work at the Citadel each week (if possible).*

Ranking system:
• 00-06 mil Clan XP - Recruit
• 06-12 mil Clan XP - Corporal
• 12-18 mil Clan XP - Sergeant
• 18-24 mil Clan XP - Lieutenant
• 24-30 mil Clan XP - Captain
• 30+  mil Clan XP - General

You can visit this clan as a guest and can ask for invite from any ranks in the clan online and they will then invite you to the clan.

*Breaking clan chat rules may result in warning or removal from the clan*


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