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iron corn

"Can't DPS if you're ded"

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Iron Corn is a newer clan that was formed to create a mid to high level PvM community for Ironmen and Hardcore Ironmen alike.

As a clan we do every high level boss in the game including full raids, Vorago, and Angel of Death.  We also help each other with things like Soul Reaper Tasks as well as mid tier bosses such as Kalphite King or Godwars Dungeon 2.  We know that all Ironmen have different levels of PvM experience and everyone has to learn.

In order to join Iron Cars we require a minimum of 130 combat or 2000 total level.  All Ironmen are welcome to guest as long as they like and join if they wish when they meet our requirements.

Our clan has a very active Discord server that is open to both members and guests both.  Clan ranks are based on either clan experience or PvM ranks so there is a way to progress rank ups for all types of Ironmen.  For more information on our ranking system and clan rules please check out our clan thread.


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