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CClan rank point system.

The clan has a rank system called a rank point system. To get ranks you need points, the ways to get points is:
Capping 1k resources at the citadel (collecting resources) = 5 points (visiting citadel is included).
Capping 500 resources = 2 points.
Visiting citadel and capping less than 500 = 1 point.
Attending to clan meetings = 3 points.
Showing up at clan events = 2 points.
staying through the entire event = 4 points (showing up is included)
Recruiting a player = 3 points.

That's all the ways to earn points right now, if you have any ideas of other ways contact the owners of the clan.

Points for each rank:
Corporal = 15 points
Sergeant = 35 points.
Lieutenant = 60 points.
Captain = 90 points.
General = 125 points.
The points never resets.

After Captain rank you have to cap at the citadel each and every week to keep your rank.

Thanks to Blood Bath2 ( Owner of Tempel of blood) for letting us use point system.

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Fiser007 Fiser007 Lieutenant
Mmaaxx171 Mmaaxx171 Lieutenant
Samel 61 Samel 61 Corporal
Butt Hunter Butt Hunter Corporal
Le Buhr Le Buhr Corporal
Araben Araben Corporal
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