make it fun

make it fun

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Host gambling in chat = ban
Make money from any clanmember = ban
Borrow and lend stuff = free
Dont ask for spare junk..Dont beg..Dont ask 4 donation..Dont ask for borrow cash
Organiser/coordinator if u kick/ban add person to clan ban list !!!
Report to : Vanescular/Chris/Seekingpower/Devituos/Queenownage
Viris ape...and we help u with your us report rule brakers...
1day in clan = corporal  1week in clan = sergeant/for higer rank we will let u know.
All clan member can invite any one u like to clan-So invite all your friends =P
Work some in citadel ! 1 week in clan = fullmember and u can work in citadel
Log in on this site to see FORUMS/EVENTS make ur own EVENTS/FORUMS if u like
If u change name tell me viris ape ---// Speak english in clan chat//---
Change  blue text in clan chat>Click on options->Click on options for clan chat>Click on clan pick a color

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