new beginningz

new beginningz

"We raise our wings to the sunlight! to fly!"

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hey everyone my name is psychokittyy and welcome to new beginningz!
We started off as a small group of friends who decided we needed something here it is! we're a mature family clan who enjoy helping each other in game! we skill/pvm and provide quest/game help if needed!
Clan is based on w37, our clan citadel is Tier 7 with 3 clan Avatar's which are kept out on clan world as much as possible!

our rules r simple:
-1000+ total level
-No breaking RS rules
-No excessive swearing
-No racist comments
-No explicit/naughty talk in cc
-No begging
-Be respectful of clan mates

ranks in the clan!
recruits - new clannie
corporals - 5m  xp
sergeants - 25m xp
lieutenants - 45m xp
captains - 65m xp
generals - 85m+ xp

any rank higher will be discussed by clan owner/deputy ranks before being given out.

if you feel like this is right clan for you feel free to join our clan chat as a guest or pm me/any high rank in game!

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