pvm only

pvm only

"Pvm is all we do! umadbro? 120+ not all members added yet, 20+ members!"

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We are a clan filled with decent players who like to mess around and bust eachothers chops. Although we are a PVM clan we continue to build our accounts and sometimes mess around in wildy! If your not 120 combat but close to and have 99 range or overloads you have a chance of being accepted! Come in 'PVM Only CC' to chat and ask questions and ask to join.

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PinkyáDown PinkyáDown Captain
TehTrololo TehTrololo Recruit
[#Z8EYZD214] [#Z8EYZD214] Recruit
EáGá3 EáGá3 Recruit
LEGENDá126 LEGENDá126 Recruit
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