r s m a f i a

r s m a f i a

"the adventure begins here. questing(sat)clan wars(sun)monsters(mon)citadel(tues)"

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we are a friendly clan with a citadel and lots of cool clan mates
ranked in top 100 biggest we are looking at getting stronger.

events start on weekend =Saturday(questing) Sunday(clan wars) Monday(monster hunting) Tuesday(work in citadel).

as a guide new recruits will have 1 of the following
a combat level of 50, total skill over 800, or a 99 in any skill
join now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rules: no begging for money,
Don't talk about other clan, in our clan we don't tolerate  swearing, fighting and  Spamming

Written by Gary, Fire(Chris), Missy, bacon, and has00n1.

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