"We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together"

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We are a very social clan that likes to do the citadel and partake in other activities. Feel free to join us as a guest and see our superiority for yourself.

 "SLOWPOKE" is a Eastern/Central/Western/European timezone based Clan Citadel clan. Slowpoke is a clan who treats all members as family.

We complete the clan citadel on a weekly basic, and always looking for other members to join us in the achieving higher goals in the tier 7 Clan Citadel.

 Our main goal's to get a lot of  active members that can do the clan citadel on a weekly basis!. If you got a question take the QFC and copy into Runescape Forums and you find out some information, if there's something else.-Pm a leader of the clan :)

QFC- 288-289-146-64196996

--If you are an skiller, this is the place for you  :) --
--If you want to get invited, every person can invite you :)  --

 Rules: Do clan citadel "almost" every week, if there's something more important in real life, that's ok too :)

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Mugget Mugget Owner
Marinade Marinade Deputy Owner
BlessedMiley BlessedMiley Deputy Owner
FireLord Exp FireLord Exp Deputy Owner
W1nter Storm W1nter Storm Overseer
CashIsKing CashIsKing Overseer
Pridefc Pridefc Overseer
Johnvh46 Johnvh46 Overseer
P I G L E T P I G L E T Overseer
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