the rangers

the rangers

"Ranking: Recruit = Combat 3 - 70 , Corpral = 71 - 99 , Sergeant = 110+"

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our clan does not use fourms, were above that. we have no requiremtns besides you be an active player (given that no noobs are in here because i personal see every person who joins). our home world is 98, because thats the world i started it on ^.^ we have 2 vps and usually have events daily depending on if its a holiday.

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[#I2YIJ5J5Y] [#I2YIJ5J5Y] General
4jamkat 4 4jamkat 4 Sergeant
Dagun02 Dagun02 Recruit
[#YQVN2O1A2] [#YQVN2O1A2] Recruit
[#YK6EYGC54] [#YK6EYGC54] Recruit
[#1Z365V6F2] [#1Z365V6F2] Recruit
savag315 savag315 Recruit
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