w31 stars

w31 stars

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w31come to the home of w31 stars,
your new family is waiting for you
Founded on November 17th, 2009

Once previously a popular star clan, we are now a social clan set on rebuilding from the ashes. Please forgive what we lack as of now, we are trying our best to make w31 stars into the same kind of amazing clan which once was; not only for our current members but for every member to come :)

We accept (and currently have) all kinds players from across RS; from maxed veterans who know their stuff to the newest of players who have a lot to learn. We're always here to help to the best of our abilities with whatever you need.

Currently have a tier 3 citadel with 2 avatars.
While capping is not mandatory, we please ask that you, at least, contribute to the visitor count so we can grow our citadel.

Feel free to guest at any time and don't be shy to ask for an invite! We also have a clan discord which is open to all members and guests alike. 8tMABby

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Catlo Catlo Owner
Polonium 231 Polonium 231 Deputy Owner
Im Nemo Im Nemo Deputy Owner
iPengShan iPengShan Deputy Owner
Never gonna Never gonna Deputy Owner
FauxEphixa FauxEphixa Coordinator
Phatmoose1 Phatmoose1 Coordinator
Scottpain Scottpain Organiser
April Fool April Fool Organiser
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Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 177 21-Jan-16 04:00
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