w81 Staking Official

w81 Staking Official

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                      What are we all about?
w81 Staking Official is a friendly F2P Wilderness staking-based clan that provides a place for pures under ten defence to chat and socialize, and of course find and talk about staking.

                                       Are there any REQUIREMENTS?
w81 Staking Official has some, but not many requirements;
Must be: under 10 Defence
Must be: a Staker
Must be: able to accept defeat.
Must be: Respectful of other clan members.
Must be: Able to attend our few, but important clan events.
-Although these requirements do not seem very important, they are there to help you as a person, and as a clan member to grow and continue to keep the well-being of everyone within the clan.

                                Hey, I heard clan events...What's that all about?
-w81 Staking Official has WEEKLY drop parties every Saturday at 3pm Jagex time!
-Also, we have organized gatherings to recruit / make sure everyone is happy!

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Clan event - Clan Party 81 22-Aug-12 14:00
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