we are the eagles

we are the eagles

"PM makse10 to join we are the eagles! *kill or be killed*"

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we accept any people and hope that you enjoy our unique rankings and other stuff we have to offer!! our clan has become more and more desecrated over the 9 months its been active, we need to have organized clan meetings including all ranks. since trig left, things got REAL quiet, so i'm trying to rally a new batch of epic warriors, mages and rangers.

special features that DO NOT exist in ANY other clan:
-unique request-a-rank system
-a cool job system developed by 777pl0x777
-finance back-up program
-fundraisers and a point gaining system!

most of those systems are STILL under development and will take a while to complete. so just sit back relax and wait for them to come to you!

!*!all points are stripped from your account if you're inactive for more than 3 months!~!

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