Hitpoint Hierarchy

Hitpoint Hierarchy

"Pure Of Heart"

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Welcome to Hitpoint Hierarchy's clan page. Our clan is based around pure accounts. We have 9HP and 10HP pures, skillers, ironmen, and even main accounts.

Citadel capping is not mandatory, but is gratefully appreciated. Avatar Warden can only be assigned to those who cap weekly.

Our ranks are based on EXP earned while in the clan and rank-ups are done every Saturday by Fire Hive. Ranks Recruit through General are based on EXP earned while in the clan.

Basic Ranks:
Recruit: Join the clan!
Corporal: 5,000,000 clan EXP
Sergeant: 10,000,000 clan EXP
Lieutenant: 28,000,000 clan EXP
Captain: 56,000,000 clan EXP
General: 87,000,000 clan EXP

Other Ranks:
Admin, Organiser, Coordinator, Overseer, and Deputy Owner are all chosen by key ranks.

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Top Clanmates

Crodious Crodious Owner
So Close So Close Deputy Owner
Mihawk Mihawk Deputy Owner
Pocket Cucco Pocket Cucco Deputy Owner
Sirens Sirens Deputy Owner
Acknowledge Acknowledge Overseer
Pokemking Pokemking Overseer
9 HP 9 HP Overseer
of Beasts of Beasts Overseer
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Blackston Hitpoint Hierarchy - Greetings 11-Jun-2017 20:19
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