60 Phoenix

60 Phoenix

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A Mature community based clan where everyone plays a part.
With the support of our clan we have achieved a tier 7 Citadel
We are currently looking for like minded players to help us develop our community clan.
We are a clan that prides its self on support and helping our fellow clan mates.
We do not aspire to being the biggest or the strongest clan but we are always looking to improve our clan with capable fun members.

Message any of our clan leaders if you are interested in joining

Voted the best clan in Runescape  2014 by inside Gielinor magazine

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Herder625 Herder625 Aufseher
Shady Shady Aufseher
Ernskizzle Ernskizzle Koordinator
Smol Felix Smol Felix Koordinator
tavita3220 tavita3220 Koordinator
HerbalBrews HerbalBrews Organisator
Pink F fan Pink F fan Organisator
Indium114 8 Indium114 8 Organisator
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