"The fun has just begun!"

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Welcome to Carnival!

Carnival was founded on the principles of loyalty, dedication and determination. The name 'Carnival' was chosen because we have been able to maintain a fun and active environment throughout the history of the clan. We strive to create the best possible clan experience for all of our members, and that is a promise from us to you!

We welcome all who meet our 2500 total requirement to join Carnival and become a part of the family that has been going strong since August 1st, 2014.

Carnival Perks:
- An amazing offsite website including our own forums
- Huge clan member base of 400+ members
- Active Discord server
- Tier 7 Citadel
- Huge variety of clan events
- Active and helpful leadership team
- Skilling competitions every other weekend
- Unique skilling tier system
- Skilling tracker
- Pet tracker
- PvM competitions every other weekend
- PvM kill count and time highscores
- PvM mentoring program
- Point based rank system - you get the rank you want!

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Clown Clown Chef
Segogrates Segogrates Vize-Chef
Marnie Marnie Vize-Chef
Marnster Marnster Vize-Chef
Aloth Dragon Aloth Dragon Aufseher
aGreyHam aGreyHam Organisator
Tricia Tricia Admin
Mr Sal Mr Sal Admin
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