Corrupted Serenity

Corrupted Serenity

"Sick of being bored or lonely? Come to Clan Serenity! We are one big family!"

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We know that all of you adventurers like to do various things throughout the land of Gielinor, and you're mostly doing them alone. Tired of being by yourself? Are you a loner who just wants a family to chat with? Well, you have come to the right place. We are a clan who likes to do a bit of everything, so whatever your fancy, we can do it together. We want players to join along and help one another out. After all, that's what a clan is about.

     We highly value friendship and hospitality between the clan members and guests. Jokes are encouraged, but you are prohibited from using any kind of joke that has the ability to deteriorate or damage the Serenity of the community. All Jagex rules apply. If you are new to RS, please review Jagex's rules :)

     Our staff team of members are always here to help. There's always a clan leader on if you need to ask any questions. Forum quick-find code: 290-291-830-66006817

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Barrage Barrage Chef
Snow Joe Snow Joe Vize-Chef
Sleepy Sleepy Vize-Chef
Neonnn Neonnn Aufseher
dodam dodam Aufseher
Broseidon Fx Broseidon Fx Aufseher
A M Y A M Y Aufseher
Das h Das h Koordinator
By Winning By Winning Koordinator
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Clan-Event - Theaterprobe 23 30-Jul-18 19:00
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