Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

"Feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow."

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Welcome to Double Rainbow! We are a new and upcoming clan on the hunt for new friends. We are an active bossing, skilling, and exciting clan with a diverse set of members interested in a diverse set of activities! We pride ourselves on being fun-loving and dedicated to enjoying both the game and the company of good friends!
Clan Information*
Requirements: Combat level 115+; 1500 total level
Clan chat name: Double Rainbow*
Home world(s): 64*, 87
Time zone: Eastern*
Citadel: T 5*
Avatar: 2*
Voice chat: Discord and Skype*
Quick find code: 290-291-393-65718968

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Ayokana Ayokana Chef
Silent Motor Silent Motor Hauptmann
lost corps lost corps Leutnant
G0d G0d Leutnant
THCandCBD THCandCBD Leutnant
Jacobra Jacobra Feldwebel
DankFrankSTL DankFrankSTL Feldwebel
EaglexEye EaglexEye Feldwebel
RangerDellyn RangerDellyn Feldwebel
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