"disrespect you disconnect"

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Downfall is back as an active F2P warring team,originally founded in the summer of 2008 by Amateurnoob and Uffan5 we have expanded our focus from mainly CWA to a large variety of PvP and CWA events. Most events will be held from 1PM - 5 PM EST/5PM - 9 PM GMT

We are an active and friendly team which focuses on challenging other clans and teams to wars and competing to be the very best. Alongside these exciting events we offer active forums,friendly teamspeak, and wisdom! We have an active memberbase spread across the world. If you are tired of strict clans or teams this is the place for you! Filled with many experienced clanners what's not to like?

If you are interested in joining feel free to post an introduction on our offsite forums which can be found by searching "Downfall Runescape" in your favorite search engine.

FA Requirements:
110+ Combat Level
90+ Def/Att/Str
90+ Mage -OR- 90+ Range
Intro for 7+ Days
2 Member+ Referrals
Teamspeak 3
Gear Requirements

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