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Welcome to the Dragon Aces Runescape Clan we are a 200+ member clan and growing fast! Everyone from p2p to f2p are welcome to join as a guest or add me, Lingle28, and ask to join the clan. We hope to see you in our ranks!

How to Achieve A Higher Rank:

1. Joining the website gives you a rank.

2. Recruting 3+ people gives you a rank.

3. Helping clan members goes towards a rank.

4. Being active in the clan and the forum gives you a rank.

5. Donating to the website gives you a rank.

6. Being reccomended by 5 clan members for a promotion gives you a rank.

7. Going to the clan citadel every week and cutting 1k roots goes towards a rank.

8. Capping your resources in the citadel goes towards a rank.


1. Treat everyone with respect, clan member or not.

2. Do not spam the clan chat.

3. Do not spam the website at all!

4. Do not ask for money or ranks you have to earn them yourself.

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Lingle28 Lingle28 Chef
October2018 October2018 Vize-Chef
iSleepy-Head iSleepy-Head Vize-Chef
[#JKENJT3JU] [#JKENJT3JU] Aufseher
smoothpoon smoothpoon Aufseher
Kriss103 Kriss103 Aufseher
MetcaIfe MetcaIfe Aufseher
Kirbys Era Kirbys Era Koordinator
sdbtjhrgerth sdbtjhrgerth Organisator
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