Edge of Reality

Edge of Reality

"All welcome to guest - ask in CC for an invite to clan or our discord server."

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+Social & PvM
Edge of Reality
Est. 14 - 8 - 2017
All welcome to guest


We are an international clan, with people from the UK, Europe and the US, busiest in the hours before in game reset. We have a tier 4 citadel, capping is not required. Our homeworld is 27 but you don't need to be on it. We have a clan discord server which everyone is welcome to join.

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SRAx2002 SRAx2002 Chef
oO Raw Oo oO Raw Oo General
lblblb53 lblblb53 General
Gorrdon00244 Gorrdon00244 Hauptmann
MVPLloyd MVPLloyd Hauptmann
Tofi1325 Tofi1325 Hauptmann
TKsamuraijac TKsamuraijac Hauptmann
Lordfrade Lordfrade Leutnant
SayRawrXD SayRawrXD Leutnant
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King Hugo Edge of Reality - Social & PvM 22-Apr-2018 22:11
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