Epic royalty

Epic royalty

"Join Epic Royalty. A clan that does minigames,bossing, and hunger games. 100+"

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Epic Royalty. A clan that is about to experience a dramatic change. It will include events completed every other day which includes Distractions and Diversions like Penguins Hide and Seek, Mini-games like Soul Wars, Boss hunting at God Wars,  Wilderness games, and PVP matches at the clan's citadel. In order to join the clan you must be a lv 100+ and be ready to have fun. One way to make this clan great is to get involved with events where you will make friends with fellow clan members and also increase you rank in the clan as well. The forums here will also keep everyone informed on what the events are coming up and on what days. If you are interested in joining our clan contact either Sweet Brown1 or Dragaaaaaaan (with 7 A's).

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StonnedWolf StonnedWolf Koordinator
jermz60 jermz60 Admin
[#79MBK5W8L] [#79MBK5W8L] Admin
Treuytreuy Treuytreuy General
[#G84PJH2AG] [#G84PJH2AG] General
[#FV82VLNEN] [#FV82VLNEN] Hauptmann
Redknife000 Redknife000 Hauptmann
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