Exiled Empire

Exiled Empire

"Join us and become part of the Exiled Community!"

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Welcome to Exiled Empire!
Founded on May 12, 2008.
Home World: 46
Are you looking for a new and relaxed clan? Don't be shy to visit us and ask one of our many members for an invite! We're happy to invite anybody into our growing family, whether you're a hardcore Scaper, newcomer, or just returning. We are a rapidly growing clan that's rebuilding.  Our only requirement is that you are active monthly and have a positive attitude.

If you would like an invite please guest join, or message one of the following:

-Exiled Vigor
-Exiled Snow
-Exiled Tokez
-Exiled Riot

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Niko ATA TKD Niko ATA TKD Vize-Chef
Sintexu Sintexu Vize-Chef
Zoloft43 Zoloft43 Vize-Chef
GriffinBrian GriffinBrian Vize-Chef
Phonons Phonons Vize-Chef
Sintextwo Sintextwo Vize-Chef
Exiled Tokez Exiled Tokez Aufseher
Harper796 Harper796 Aufseher
Clanangehörige (alle)


Art Beschreibung Welt Datum / Zeit
Clan-Event - Clan-Spiel 45 09-Dez-19 01:00
Autor Themen-Titel Datum
Exiled Vigor Welcome to Exiled Empire! 01-Nov-2018 04:54
Exiled Vigor Rules 29-Okt-2018 15:15
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