Gielinors Knights

Gielinors Knights

"It was truly an honor, but I must abid Runescape goodbye for good, sorry.. -Rune"

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke)

This quote really shows what Gielinors Knights aka GK is about. We fight for good and justice and believe no one should be bullied or live under tyranny. Some of our Apostles are insulted due to there efforts combating evil. But we prevail always due to the support of our people. If you wish to bring back the old values forgotten by so many in Runescape then GK is the clan for you.

Overview of Gielinors Knights is that we are a fun friendly clan which all are welcome no matter your level or play style. Capping is only mandatory if you are captain rank or higher. We want to create a fun and safe community for legacy players and EOC players in w115 and other worlds.  Our only rules are basic and easy to follow :)

Do not scam or lure clan mates

Do not disrespect or insult clan mates

Do not PK clan mates without their consent

No major cussing is allowed and no cussing to excess

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RuneLord RuneLord Chef
Hosenpfeffer Hosenpfeffer Vize-Chef
Coltonstammy Coltonstammy Vize-Chef
Azhrarn Azhrarn Vize-Chef
JTIiner JTIiner Vize-Chef
MrHalfThug MrHalfThug Vize-Chef
GKs Archbow GKs Archbow Vize-Chef
GK Dllwd420 GK Dllwd420 Vize-Chef
Jefy55 Jefy55 Vize-Chef
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Art Beschreibung Welt Datum / Zeit
Autor Themen-Titel Datum
Light Vision New Teamspeak! 06-Jan-2020 18:47
Azhrarn Royal Guard - FC: Azhrarn 15-Jun-2016 14:46
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