"High level communtiy clan seeking fresh faces. Clanmates get +3% XP to all gains"

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# Incursione is an international community clan looking to recruit new clanmates.

Previously we were one of the only clans in-game that gave all of our clanmates access to clan avatars, because we want everyone to feel and receive equal benefits from being part of a Clan.

We are now able to give all clanmates a free permenant +3% xp boost, increasing to +6% if you enjoy Citadel skilling - which is non-mandatory and done at your own leisure!

There are high level players whom are happy to help and give advice, and some day we would like to run large clan bossing trips; but in the mean time we will try our best to run smaller ones to introduce less experience players to content.


Please Visit our Official RuneScape Forum Thread (Quick find code: 288-289-968-65915990) for further information.

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Subzero Subzero Chef
Zoo Zoo Vize-Chef
Wittle Cow Wittle Cow Vize-Chef
Fryes Fryes Vize-Chef
Ryng Ryng Aufseher
Seashore Seashore Aufseher
Viv Viv Aufseher
defence plox defence plox Koordinator
Supere Supere Koordinator
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Subzero Clan Information 23-Apr-2019 04:09
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