Into the night

Into the night

"Into the night is a clan focused on maintaining a fun, and enjoyable atmosphere!"

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The clan, "Into the Night", is one which maintains both a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

The community is a primary aspect of our clan experience, and we are constantly looking for more interesting, and carefree members!

While we do hold events regularly, they are never required and have always turned out to be an enjoyable time.

The only requirements to join this clan is to possess a positive attitude, and to treat others how you wish to be treated. Thank you.

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Cuey0 Cuey0 Organisator
Adornment Adornment Admin
Azra8 Azra8 Hauptmann
Rocker Joe Rocker Joe Hauptmann
PvMDrag0n PvMDrag0n Leutnant
Miss meow Miss meow Leutnant
i logged out i logged out Leutnant
MrStark2179 MrStark2179 Leutnant
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Art Beschreibung Welt Datum / Zeit
Clan-Event - Clan-Party 88 31-Jan-12 20:30
Autor Themen-Titel Datum
N-1Charizard How to join the clan! 06-Aug-2012 22:16
N-1Charizard Clan Battleground CTF Game 07-Jan-2012 08:28
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