Iron Haze

Iron Haze

"For the best iron ways, join iron hayze!"

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Welcome to the clan page of Iron Haze!

Iron Haze is a community based clan with a requirement of being an Iron with 1500+ total.
The clan bosses frequently, ranging from low-level reaper tasks to top-tier PvM.
We have members from across the globe, so the clan chat is active 24/7!
There are plenty of friendly, experienced players who are willing to give advice on just about anything RuneScape.
Plus, we have an active discord channel! Please ask in the cc for a link.

Clan Ranks)
Recruit: 0-5m clan xp
Corporal: 5m clan xp, minimum 2 weeks in clan
Sergeant: 25m clan xp, minimum 1 month in clan
Lieutenant: 75m clan xp, minimum 2 months in clan
Captain: 125m clan xp, minimum 3 months in clan
General: 225m clan xp, minimum 4 months in clan
Admin+ 400m+ clan xp, minimum 5 months in clan, case-by-case, hosting pvm, being active in chat speeds up the process

Feel free to guest in the clan chat channel if you want to see what we're all about.

We hope to see you soon!

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Mazztery Mazztery Chef
Potent Pot Potent Pot Vize-Chef
Jackco Jackco Vize-Chef
Odour Odour Vize-Chef
Davie Davie Vize-Chef
Shiriai Shiriai Vize-Chef
IronDanDy IronDanDy Vize-Chef
Alare Alare Vize-Chef
IM Kidgood IM Kidgood Vize-Chef
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