Outlaws RS

Outlaws RS

"Happy 2016 from Outlaws RS! T7 Cit, 3 avatars and a dragon. :)"

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Welcome to Outlaws RS!
We are a mature and friendly international group.
Your only task is to have fun!
If you are a chatter or maybe being quiet is your preference, no matter you are all welcome! Please be respectful towards others while in clan chat and know that you are a part of a growing family that resides around the world.

Clan rules:
1. Respect all clanmates.
2. No Begging, Scamming or Gambling.

- 2000+ total level
(we may make few exceptions, contact ranks for this)

Home world - 114 (primary ava world)
We are looking forward to seeing you in our clan!

Also, we have a clan dragon named Fluffy. :)

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M I H I M I H I Chef
Ooze203 Ooze203 General
Senju Kelvin Senju Kelvin General
SupremeBear SupremeBear General
DinoGoRawrX DinoGoRawrX Hauptmann
Paperwaluigi Paperwaluigi Hauptmann
Asena Asena Hauptmann
Osuma2 Osuma2 Leutnant
Clanangehörige (alle)


Art Beschreibung Welt Datum / Zeit
Autor Themen-Titel Datum
Dark Wisdom Welcome to Outlaws RS! 09-Dez-2014 07:10
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