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Rampant is a casual clan where you can talk with and meet some new people. There are no requirements for joining and the rules are fairly straightforward.

Any racism and/or general disrespect for other clan members are all against the rules and after two warning will result in a ban.

We often have clan bossing and minigame events however they are entirely optional and you will never be kicked for not tagging along. So, if you're looking for friendly people to play the game with you should definitely consider Rampant!

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Mba273 Mba273 Chef
Sourmilk765 Sourmilk765 Aufseher
MrPenor MrPenor Leutnant
k1d cuddi k1d cuddi Leutnant
Cuteandwet21 Cuteandwet21 Feldwebel
[#GU0Z8C3DY] [#GU0Z8C3DY] Feldwebel
Avp627 Avp627 Unteroffizier
Cmurder Cmurder Unteroffizier
[#XF9WMHXW8] [#XF9WMHXW8] Unteroffizier
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Art Beschreibung Welt Datum / Zeit
Party 4 08-Jun-13 22:00
Autor Themen-Titel Datum
Mba273 A beginners guide to Rampant 02-Jun-2013 00:26
Orer THE RULES OF THE CLAN 02-Jun-2013 00:08
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