Rs Outreach

Rs Outreach

"Chatting, skilling and some npc killing, in the Runescape sun "

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RS_Outreach motto: "Bringing unity in the community " SKILLING IN THE RUNESCAPE SUN !

"We are RSO and we always have fun
If you want eventing, it can sure be done
The chat is oh so friendly, and filled with real nice folks
Always happy chatting, and telling silly jokes." ~ Bethuda ~

FRIEND CHAT : is a 24/7 friendly chat. Our skill n' chatter is interesting and helpful.

CLAN: Recruiting  folks who are like-minded,  wish to enjoy Citadel skilling along with friends weekly.  For Clanside we ask you visit the Friend Chat, hang out a bit, see if our group is a good fit for you, you for us. WE DO ACCEPT IRONMEN IF ACTIVE PLAYERS.

Please abide by the friendly requests of:

• No cursing, cursing abbreviations, or offensive names
• Respect for all
• We tolerate no drama, gossip, or backstabbing

No one will like everyone they meet in life, but we can still get along. No exceptions.

Come make some new friends!

~ MrsW - The Happy Hippie ~

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