"Sapientia Et Animi"

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"Wisdom And Courage"
aka "Skillers And Killers"

SEA is a social clan, where members hang out and chat while doing whatever they want. There are no compulsory events, and no minimum requirements for joining - whether you are a level 3 skiller, a maxed PvM beast, or a new member looking for help and advice, you are welcome to join us. Enjoy playing RuneScape however you want to, we won't force you to change.

Yes we have a Citadel, and no it isn't compulsory to gather resources, but we DO want everyone to visit it weekly - the "Visitor Count" lets us see how many clan members are active and plan better events.

Ranks are handled differently to most clans, with only the highest (keys) being reserved for specific clan administration - Everyone from a single stripe to a gold cross is considered equal. Ranks in the clan are obtained the same way as levels in the game, just by earning XP!

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hujubahaduba hujubahaduba Admin
Marg 01 Marg 01 Admin
[#7V6NER2J3] [#7V6NER2J3] General
[#92LH1VXM4] [#92LH1VXM4] General
Kroym Kroym Hauptmann
[#7NXNYPOFM] [#7NXNYPOFM] Hauptmann
Labrat85 Labrat85 Hauptmann
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aiden x Clan Information 19-Feb-2013 08:05
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