Senior OGs

Senior OGs

"Hosting altar, Have avatar, Social, friendly, Active, BOSSING"

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We are a small clan looking to start up and get pretty big. We don't require work, but it would be nice if people would contribute to upgrades/up keeping Lord Godyr runs an altar in world 31 almost every day. We almost have a clan avatar which will be in the house with him for the exp boost. We will take it other places for other skilling events too.

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Honch Rat Honch Rat Chef
Zhao yun469 Zhao yun469 Hauptmann
get ownedd get ownedd Unteroffizier
SupaDupawall SupaDupawall Unteroffizier
[#DY2D4QBAV] [#DY2D4QBAV] Unteroffizier
Monarch Cdai Monarch Cdai Unteroffizier
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