Social Freedom

Social Freedom

"We are here to have fun, hang out, chat and help eachother. All are welcome."

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If you want to learn how to be a master of the game in a friendly environment, join Social Freedom! We are a social/skilling clan.  If you don't know about something in the game just ask in the clan chat and a member of the clan will either instruct you via private message, or join you in your world to aid in your search or knowledge. We also aid with other, non-skilling questions, such as Pking, Slayer and Combat in general. We are a fun social clan where everyone can just talk and have a good time. There are no requirments to join the clan.  So, what are you waiting for? Come chat and learn in the comfort of friendly advisers. :)

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Human Fin Human Fin Chef
[#R26UBOMHU] [#R26UBOMHU] Vize-Chef
Anubis Wyrm1 Anubis Wyrm1 Organisator
[#Q93JR4WKS] [#Q93JR4WKS] Leutnant
Shaademaster Shaademaster Leutnant
[#1VWA5X467] [#1VWA5X467] Feldwebel
Spookster Ds Spookster Ds Feldwebel
[#5JF4HO4C5] [#5JF4HO4C5] Unteroffizier
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