Tetradium Nidos

Tetradium Nidos

"Looking for PvMers of all types, come guest in chat and get to know everyone!"

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Friendly, social clan that is heavily involved in PvM. Name your boss, we've probably got at least one **** camping it.

Filled with rich Canadians and cookie-obsessed Puerto Ricans, Tetradium Nidos is a melting pot of personalities; do YOU have what it takes to blend in? Join today to find out.

~Now for some shameless clan attractions:
|   -Clan Teamspeak
|   -Capping is NOT Required
|   -Asian guy that will yell at you to cap anyways
|   -Friendly and helpful clanmates that alway- L0L k couldnt even finish that one
|   -Jewish clan owner, so you know you're in good hands

If this didn't give you a raging clan hard-on, I'd suggest you lower your standards, god dammit. You always do this to us. Always.


*\~/!-Obligatory Symbol Spam-!\~/*

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Kai456cx Kai456cx Chef
Tetradium Tetradium Koordinator
Frizzy Bee Frizzy Bee Organisator
Ragefire Ragefire Admin
O Canada O Canada Admin
Stronky Stronky Admin
Humber Humber Admin
Garion Garion Admin
Utensil Utensil Admin
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Kai456cx Tetradium Nidos Rules 19-Jul-2014 20:47
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