The Gainbangerz

The Gainbangerz

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Clan Membership Requirements (as of 03 APRIL 2019):

- *Activity* (Online within three weeks; contact Admins when you're unavailable).
- *Integrity* (Honesty goes a LONG way with us. Lack of this leads to problems).
- *Maturity* (Discord has NSFW [18+]; additionally, respect fellow members).
- *Membership*
      1. Encouraged to Cap @Citadel weekly, but at least 2x/month is fair.
      2. Membership is an absolute. We will not pay for you.

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Rev Slayer Rev Slayer Vize-Chef
Tin Cam Tin Cam Aufseher
KylesDrywall KylesDrywall Aufseher
DangDude DangDude Admin
B A S H Y B A S H Y General
Hypoxic Hypoxic General
Vivliac Vivliac General
Nukehazzard Nukehazzard General
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