The Order of War

The Order of War

"Achieve your goals together."

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The Order of War welcomes you to our clan page! We are currently accepting applications from players with 2400+ Total Levels.
Quick Find Code: 92-93-198-66045528

The Order of War is a relaxed community and the respected home to many Runescape Players. Together, we represent cultures from all over the world - something we truly value and cherish in our ways of communication. This highlights our strength, as we remain active on a 24/7 basis! Regardless of your game time, style or goals, you will never be alone in The Order.

Check out our thread on the RuneScape Forums for everything you need to know about our clan and to complete an application!
Quick Find Code: 92-93-198-66045528

Please feel free to visit us as a guest at any given time.

Kind regards,
The Order of War

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Subh Subh Vize-Chef
SuperDeacon SuperDeacon Vize-Chef
Seer of War Seer of War Vize-Chef
God of War God of War Aufseher
Chicana Chicana Koordinator
Genna Genna Koordinator
BruceBannner BruceBannner Koordinator
Mugatu Mugatu Koordinator
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Kong Karma A Welcome to The Order of War 10-Okt-2018 01:45
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