Thorns Of Berseria

Thorns Of Berseria

"Welcome to all who dwell in our domain! Together we shall explore this world! =)"

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Thorns Of Berseria!
Welcome all! Clan rules:
1.Be kind to all
2.No swearing, We are a family clan, so please keep it clean :)
3.If A clan mate needs help, Help them out!

Our Clean promotion ranks.
Corporal-1 recruit
Sergeant-3 recruits
Lieutenant-7 recruits
Captain-10 recruits
General-15 recruits

For admin and above:If you show your love to the clan and helping others, That will get you promoted even beyond..
As for the ranking, you have an opportunity to rank faster by capping and helping others..your hard work will not go un noticed..we are a family clan And we all Love one another..We created this clan for the ones that has been done wrong..
Clan founded 06/28/2018

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Raoshu Raoshu Chef
xLuna3AtheMx xLuna3AtheMx Vize-Chef
Elerurainion Elerurainion Vize-Chef
Logon255 Logon255 Vize-Chef
Kratosxrz Kratosxrz Koordinator
rottenplum2 rottenplum2 General
BaxtersBack BaxtersBack Leutnant
LarzL0rd LarzL0rd Leutnant
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