Vader Strikes Back

Vader Strikes Back

"Join us, and together we can rule the galaxy as clanmates and friends!"

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We aren't just a clan, we are a family. We are here for one another no matter what. Some of us have been here since the clan was founded and have grown up with each other. Most of us know at least one to three people in the clan in our actual lives. If you're looking for a friendly clan that has PvMers, skillers, PKers, etc.. this could be the right clan for you. Come guest in our clan chat! We don't bite!

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kemosabi kemosabi Aufseher
Octobilly Octobilly Aufseher
snow trace snow trace Koordinator
GrimmFear GrimmFear Admin
Reed College Reed College Hauptmann
Ruin Fire180 Ruin Fire180 Leutnant
Budwieserkid Budwieserkid Leutnant
Acts238 Acts238 Feldwebel
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Bye Internet About Us! 27-Jul-2015 15:58
Bye Internet Clan Rules 02-Jul-2015 05:22
Bye Internet Event Schedule 01-Mai-2015 09:24
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