"Sometimes you have to lose control to gain it."

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Homeworld: 6
Alternative Homeworld: 73
LGBT Friendly

Wentworth was established on May 1st, 2013 in World 6 by me for a day, out of boredom. I restarted it back on June 24th, 2016 with some mates. Our primary goal is to have fun individually or as a clan with the diverse contents in this game you may enjoy such as:

- Bossing (Raid, ROTS, etc.)
- Minigames (Barbarian Assault, etc.)
- Skilling

We try our best to exceed expectations of a friendly multicultural environment in our humble abode to make this a comfortable and enjoyable place for you to be in.

- 1K+ total level (alt accounts are of an exception)
- Knows decent English
- Must fully grasp and comply with all Jagex rules
- No flaming and/or derogatory language
- Avoid repulsive and/or vulgar behaviour
- Do not belittle anyone else due to a big ego

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sTUpiD sTUpiD Chef
LefthimforRS LefthimforRS Vize-Chef
Fenaxil Fenaxil Vize-Chef
Allie Novak Allie Novak Vize-Chef
CoolDudeFBA CoolDudeFBA Vize-Chef
Cya In Fally Cya In Fally Aufseher
Pats Bae Pats Bae Koordinator
Aqua Girl Aqua Girl Koordinator
Lawsan Lawsan Koordinator
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