Wilderness Richess

Wilderness Richess

"\m/ I Camp Abyssal Demons In Slayer Tower Plz Do Not Crash If You See This \m/"

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$ This clan is based on PKING (Player Killing)
this game has evolved into what we know now as the EVOLUTION OF COMBAT or EOC
We welcome all players from around the WORLD to join, learn and train to become a notorious fighters . Myself, I've been playing off and on since 2001. from Classic to EoC. This game has becoming something so wonderful to play. Especially for members who we are also looking for to maintain and upkeep our castle and host events for all our clan members.
For more info add a clan member or myself in game and ask for a clan invite :)

I. No Luring / Scamming Other Clan Mates
II. No fighting other clan mates unless both agree to fight
III. No disrespectful or racist comments
IV. Rank is earned in many ways.
a) Killing other players in Wild
b) Recruiting new members
c) Loyality and Skills
V. Failure to respect Rules will result in KICK / BAN
VI. Once out of clan. YOU WILL DIE IN THE WILDERNESS !(:

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