World 99

World 99

"Dream without fear, live without limits!"

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Become a part of 2015's most promising clan!

World 99 pretty much sums it all up for us! We are a clan dedicated to being online in the game world known as world 99.  We as a clan started out as friends and have managed to gain new members and have expanded into our own community. The time has come for us to share what we have and who we are and create a whole new Runescape memory! A friendly atmosphere, a chilled crowd,  a helpful community and much more.

There are no requirements to join our clan, however we do wish that everyone is friendly and helpful towards their fellow clan mates. :)

Capping at our Citadel is not a requirement to our clan, but it is highly appreciated! Along side that, the Clan avatar is out around the clock for bonus xp gains!

Clan events are weekly, none of our events are compulsory, but everyone is welcome to participate!  These events vary from PVM to ingame skilling events.

Do you have what it takes to be one of us?

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Desperad Desperad Chef
old big old big Vize-Chef
MotherLisa MotherLisa Admin
The Adenator The Adenator General
Clarky724 Clarky724 General
S T R 4 N L S T R 4 N L Hauptmann
Pu mas Pu mas Hauptmann
Maxino Maxino Hauptmann
KurtFarthing KurtFarthing Feldwebel
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