Yeet Gamers

Yeet Gamers

"Welcome to Yeet Gamers! Come join us and Yeet out the haters!"

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We are a mostly a Aussie/Kiwi based social clan who enjoy's skilling and pvming/bossing. On that note, everyone is more than welcome to join!

There are no requirements to join Yeet Gamers, and no requirements for you to participate in any clan activities. We are soon to run daily high-level PVM (Raids, ROTS, ect.) We are a clan with a strong emphasis on teaching both of people new to bosses & new to roles.

We are not too strict, but expect our clan members to follow a few basic rules:
1. Respect each other, avoid flaming in the chat.
2. Follow Runescape rules - no botting, luring, scamming, etc.
3. No begging for gp/items.
4. Avoid spamming the chat.
5. Have fun!

Never hesitate to drop into the clan chat and ask for information or an invite.

Hope to see you soon,
Yeet Gamers.

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