"Our clan is about expanding your runescape experience to the best possible"

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Hello everyone! My friends & I have started a new clan today. We're interested in developing a tight community between one another. We have already been helping each other progress, now we feel it's time to upscale with some new members who share similar perspectives. We talk about life, skilling, recent discoveries in the game, thing's we've learned etc.. Hit us up for a more personal feel in a clan, where you're directly involved with the progress. Join our guest clan chat "debt" to have an insiders view!

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sir_miky sir_miky General
FeCodeine FeCodeine General
ThePapa John ThePapa John Hauptmann
Zajicek Zajicek Feldwebel
Rando_Panda Rando_Panda Feldwebel
Yung Yeehaw Yung Yeehaw Feldwebel
Atacker151 Atacker151 Feldwebel
shinndigs shinndigs Feldwebel
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