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Chef Hax
Feb Member 2019

Chef Hax

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Username: Chef Hax

The name you like to be called: Hax

*Total Level: 1761

*Combat Level: 113

Favourite Skills: Love fishing!

Favourite Minigames or D&D’s: I've never really played any of them.

How Important Are Group Activities to You (1 - 10): 5

Are you familiar with Clans and Citadels?: Nope, recently back after 4 years so I'm trying to get my bearings.

Are you familiar with quartermaster XP boost and fealty?: Nope, but would love to learn.

Are you happy to refrain from swearing in chat?: Of course.

Do you have a clan rank you are aiming for?: No rank in particular. Looking to chill and relax.

What is the name of our Clan Citadel Frost Dragon?: "(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences."

What are your current Runescape goals?: Trying to get 99 WC from DXP weekend, then getting my lower skills up to at least 80 before going further.

*Bonus Question:
If chicken was between 7 & purple in the alphabet, what colour would tuesday be? Tuesday has always been more of a yellow color to me.

23-Feb-2019 03:02:53

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