The slayers of w1

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Clan name: Savage Slayers

We are a clan consisting of veteran members. Skill requirement 1500 total. We are a social clan mostly active at night game time but we are looking for members from all time zones. We are actively recruiting and are currently maintaining our status as one of the leading clans of w1.

We are a mix of f2p and p2p members. Capping is not absolutely required as long as you otherwise contribute to the clan trough gainz or generally helping out but it is highly appreciated and encouraged to do so. Promotions are based on loyality to the clan, xp gainz and how often you cap. Admins+ have to be members and cap weekly to maintain their status as clan leaders.

We are looking for social people who like to skill, slay and boss. We do mostly COOP slaying and some bossing with regular skilling events. We have a discord where we actively post our last slayer sessions, discuss flipping, POF and more.

Our members are very helpful and have years of experience from playing the game. We are a chill and mature clan. Toxic behaviour is not tolerated. For questions dont hesitate contacting one of our clan leaders listed below.



Nox slayer- Deputy owner.

A Floppyfish- Deputy owner.

Crazy8break- Deputy owner.

Angelsmercy- Deputy owner.

Masterdoomy- Deputy owner.

NinjaGun- Overseer.

Iefrann Dia- Admin.


Chosen fire- Admin.

Guide Guy 3- Admin.

Buabiti- Admin.

SexyLama- Admin.


V ampire-Admin.

Im Angus- Admin.

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About ranks

We have a ranking system that is based on clan xp, loyality and on how helpful you are to the clan overall. Visiting/capping, reqruiting and generally contributing to the clan will help you reach the higher tier ranks.

Reqruit: Default rank when joining.

Corporal: You will be promoted to corporal after visiting citadel for the first time or when you reach 5M clan xp.

Sergeant: Have 2 fealty rank and/or minimum 10M clan xp

Lieutenant: Have fealty rank 3 and/or minimum 20M clan xp.

Captain: Minimum 50M clan xp

General: Minimum 100M clan xp

Admin: Minimum 250M clan xp+ Must be p2p and reach fealty rank 3 to get promoted. Will have to maintain fealty rank 3 to keep admin rank. If fealty rank fall below 3 stars for more than 3 weeks admins will be demoted back to general.

Organiser: Same as admin. Someone who is loyal, active and helpful in clan chat, helps with hosting events and makes an extra effort for the clan.

Coordinator: Minimum 500M clan xp. Picked after contributing to the clan over time. One that always makes an effort for the clan.

Overseer: Same as coordinator. One that have been a loyal, trustful and good member for a really long time and continues to exceed expectations will eventually get this promotion.

Deputy owner: At owners discretion. Will be voted on by admins+.

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